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Dental White & Fresh Customer Testimonials

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Complete Dental White & Fresh Oral Rinse
Complete Dental White & Fresh Oral Rinse

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As Ms. Georgia World 2012 I was training and preparing to compete in the Ms. World International Pageant held in Puerto Rico. I needed to be in top shape and look my best so I was seeking out the best of beauty solutions. During this time I was at the checkout counter at a grocery store one day and noticed a man next to me with beautiful white teeth so I couldn't help but ask how he maintained such a bright smile. He told me about Dr. George's Dental White gel he was using and how much he liked it. I went home and immediately ordered Dr. George's dental whitening system. This product works so much better than the Crest White strips I'd been using! It does twice the work in half the amount of time! It is now 4 years later (May 2016), I'm still maintaining my white teeth with Dr. George's whitening system. I haven't found anything else on the market that even compares to what this product does for me! I love it! It's the BEST!!! Thank you Dr. George!!! :)

Della Greenblatt

I bought your mouthrinse product over Dr. Katz' Therabreath today at Walgreens after having run out so it was kind of an emergency patch. Tending towards frugality, it was a dollar's savings over the other and I expected I might not be impressed with it. But it works 20 times better than Dr. Katz's. I am so amazed and so relieved as I got immediate results after just one application which has lasted the entire day. With Therabreath, I could still taste a bitterness after an hour or so and could tell that my breath was not as fresh as it could be, even after repeated applications throughout the day. I've suffered from halitosis for too long with no remedy. Thank you for your research which is giving me back my confidence. I will definitely get your other products as I've permanently made the switch to something superior! Thank you, thank you!

Roxanne H.

It was definately a good day when I decided to buy your oral breath rinse. I have been desperate for a solution to bad breath for the past couple of years. Nothing seemed to help. Obsessive brushing didn't help. And using the typcial "green alcohol based" mouth washes only made things worse. I did try Therabreath before your product and it did absolutely nothing. Within 2 days of using your product the nasty film on my tongue which I had just learned to accept was practically gone and my mouth felt really clean for the first time in years. I can't really express how much your oral rinse has helped me - thank you for such a great product.

Mark M.

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