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Complete Whitening System
Complete Whitening System

Get All the Benefits of Professional
Teeth Whitening with None of the
Inconveniences and Expenses!

You could see dramatic results in JUST DAYS!

Dr. George Madray, D.M.D., renowned author, lecturer and consultant to news sources such as Los Angeles Times, A.P.I., ABC 20/20, and Good Morning America. Dr. George started the world-wide teeth whitening craze in 1989. In 1993 he helped develop an infomercial which was then seen nearly 4000 times per week: View the historical infomercial here: Dental White video. He also developed the world's first concentrated teeth whitening gel for dentists in November 1989. Dr. George Madray developed the world's first concentrated teeth whitening gel for dentists in November 1989. At that time He also began distributing this very same system exclusively to dentists nationwide. He was awarded a patent 2 years later on the system due to its unique, customizable, "warm & form" trays; which allow you to custom fit the trays to your teeth as done in dental offices. Now available to you is this very same professional teeth whitening system. There is not a safer or more effective teeth whitening system on the market at any price. All others are only cheap to expensive imitations of this original.

Dr. George has been a practicing dentist since 1977 and has written about teeth whitening in dental journals and manufactured and distributed a professional label since the tray method of teeth whitening began. He has spent years researching, developing, and testing the DENTAL WHITE formula and its patented process. The basic formula has been tested in dental universities across the U.S., and at a leading dental research center. It has been studied for its safety and effectiveness, and recommended by dental school professors and dentists. Most whitening toothpastes have no active oxygen and hence, are ineffective. The DENTAL WHITE process keeps the gel in contact with teeth surfaces and keeps the saliva away.

With DENTAL WHITE YOU can have beautifully white teeth, like the multi-millions that have already benefited from it. By being able to wear one tray at a time, you can monitor the whitening process. Due to the snug fit and thick gel, the gel stays within the tray, even on the lower teeth. You can even speak while you whiten!

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