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Complete Whitening System
Complete Whitening System

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As Ms. Georgia World 2012 I was training and preparing to compete in the Ms. World International Pageant held in Puerto Rico. I needed to be in top shape and look my best so I was seeking out the best of beauty solutions. During this time I was at the checkout counter at a grocery store one day and noticed a man next to me with beautiful white teeth so I couldn't help but ask how he maintained such a bright smile. He told me about Dr. George's Dental White gel he was using and how much he liked it. I went home and immediately ordered Dr. George's dental whitening system. This product works so much better than the Crest White strips I'd been using! It does twice the work in half the amount of time! It is now 4 years later (May 2016), I'm still maintaining my white teeth with Dr. George's whitening system. I haven't found anything else on the market that even compares to what this product does for me! I love it! It's the BEST!!! Thank you Dr. George!!! :)

Della Greenblatt

Della Greenblatt

I have been using Dr. Georges's for 12+ years and always receive lots of compliments on my bright whites. I tried Crest White Strips and several other brands before I found Dr. George's & hands down, Dr. George's are THE BEST whitening products out there! - plus they are simple to use and work quickly, within a matter of just a few days I could see the difference. Another huge plus is that the Customer Service is great, super friendly and helpful! Quality and Service. I brag about Dr. George's to everyone. Thanks you guys. :)


This is by far the most amazing teeth whitening product I have ever used! I have only used it twice and already I can tell a HUGE difference in the color of my teeth. Thank you Dr. George for making such an affordable, amazing product available to the public!

Caitlin Z

I started using Dental White when it first hit shelves at my local Walgreens several years back. I bought it with uncertainty as I had tried numerous at home whitening kits that did not produce results as indicated. I followed the simple directions and used the whitening gel as directed. Needless to say, I saw results literally after the first use. At the end of the recommended two week use period, my teeth were pearly white! I got compliments nearly everywhere I went! Even from complete strangers! No exaggeration!! Every time I go in for my regular dental cleaning, the dental staff at the office continually compliment me on how amazing my teeth look! Dr. George, I cannot thank you enough for this incredible product! You certainly are an idol in my eyes and I am forever in your debt Posted:05-10-2012

Brian Austin

I've literally had it on for 10 minuets and already my teeth are whiter! I can't believe it! I have sensitive teeth so I only use it for 15 mins max. I suggest if you have sensitive teeth then you do the same. I can't wait to have a Hollywood smile :D


I would like to say big thank you because first time in my life I can say that your whitening system does exactly what is says on the tin which I can not say about many (more like about very few) I am so glad I purchased this and now all my friends are commenting on my white smile and are jelous. They asked me to order for them as well because lets face it, who doesnt want to have bright white smile these days??? I love your product and I have it in my bathroom all the time, it has become part of my routine!!!!! Thank you thank you and thank you for my bright smile, your product is the best and very affordable. Love it love it love it :)

Monica Holms

I have been a huge fan since Dental White was featured on the Oprah show back in 2005. This product really does everything it says it can do and my teeth are not sensitive which wasn't the case when I used Crest Whitestips in the past.

Also you really get so much for your money. I hope you all have as amazing results as I did!!!

Anne.M London March 2010

I just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with your Dental Whitening system. I began using Dr. George's in 1994. Some friends and I saw it in the store and bought it as kind of 'as a joke'. Neither believed it would really work. To make a long story short, I kept using mine and my friends threw theirs to the side until about a month later they couldn't believe how white my teeth had gotten. I get compliments daily on my teeth - even several dentists ask me what I use because they admit their whitening system doesn't do as well. I'm not one to write companies but I think this "thank you" is well due and deserved.

Janet C

I just wanted to thank you for creating a cheap, easy way to get rid of ugly yellow stains on teeth. I have only been using the Dental White system for 4 days and I already see a huge improvement on my top teeth. The trays were easy to customize and I haven't noticed any irritation on my teeth or gums. I couldn't be happier with your product. Thank you so much. I will definitely be recommending the Dental White system to my friends and family. Thanks again.

Erin P.

Works better than the stuff my dentist sold me. Tastes good, easy to use, and works...

David L. MD

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