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Whitening Facts

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Complete Whitening System
Complete Whitening System

Over the years, like almost everyone, you may have experienced a natural build up of organic pigments on your teeth. Colorized proteins from coffee, tea, and other foods have simply darkened the natural whiteness of your teeth. The use of tobacco, antibiotics, and certain minerals usually speeds the darkening process. Stains from antibiotics and blue gray stains are difficult to remove. But, yellowing is easily reversed.

In recent years, procedures have been developed to whiten teeth. Although there are different ways of applying the treatments, proven results are achieved by exposing teeth to the active ingredient hydrogen peroxide. There are varied concentrations of the active ingredient hydrogen peroxide. You may see carbamide peroxide (urea hydrogen peroxide) listed as the active ingredient. The urea portion of the molecule does no whitening. Therefore carbamide peroxide 15% and hydrogen peroxide 5.4% has equal whitening ability. Anything stronger than this causes additional teeth sensitivity. This is the concentration of Dental White™, which Dr. George developed in 1989 after conferring with the FDA.

Hundreds of thousands of people have whitened their teeth over the last 10 years for multitudes of reasons. Many do it to treat a specific teeth colorization problem such as a dead teeth or teeth stained in childhood by tetracycline. More and more, however, it has been common practice to whiten teeth that have yellowed over the years and for those who were not born with beautifully white teeth. Many people whiten the dentition to boost their self image and self esteem. People love a beautiful smile, which gives a great first impression.

Now with Dental White you can receive a professional whitening treatment without stepping into a dental office.

The kit above comes complete with:

  • 5.2 oz/148g of professional strength teeth whitening gel
  • 2 warm & form E-Z Trays™
  • Detailed instructions
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