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Plaque Blast Frequently Asked Questions

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Plaque Blast
Plaque Blast

Is Plaque Blast alcohol free?

Yes it is! Unlike almost all other pet oral sprays, Plaque Blast is 100% alcohol free and safe for your pets.

Who is Dr. George?

Dr. George is an experienced dentist and innovator. His studies have focused on biochemistry ,, veterinarian medicine, and dentistry. He has spent 10 years researching and developing Plaque Blast. He began his national, international distribution of Dr. George's Dental White with Telebrands, and is now working with Telebrands again, with Dr. George's Plaque Blast.

Is Plaque Blast safe for cats too?

Sure. You can spray it safely against your cat's teeth to reduce tarter, promote healthier gums, plaque build-up and bad breath.

Will Plaque Blast really help reduce tartar and plaque on my pets teeth?

Plaque Blast is proven to noticeably reduce the tartar and plaque build-up in the mouth of your dog or cat. All you have to do is spray it against their teeth and it starts working right away. Note: You can not see plaque without it being disclosed by a dye.

How long before I can expect  Fresh Breath, Reduced Plaque, Healthy Gums, and Reduced Tartar in my pet's mouth?

It can all vary of course, but I like to say, respectively: immediately, one day, one week, and one month

Will Plaque Blast work on larger dogs?

The oral spray works for dogs and cats of all breed and size. You can use it on a horse if you like.

Should I be concerned if the Plaque Blast solution gets in my pet's nose or eyes?

Plaque Blast does contain some salt, so you should try to keep it from your pet's eyes and nose.

What is the best way to store Plaque Blast after opening it for optimal use?

After opening and particularly after the activator is added, just store Plaque Blast at room temperature.

Is Plaque Blast available in retail stores?

Yes it is! Visit your local PetSmart, Petco, Walgreens, CVS, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Rite Aid. It is coming soon to Dollar General, Target and many other fine retailers.

Can Plaque Blast be used for other things?

Yes. You can spray it into your pet's water bowl to keep it fresh. Spray it 1 or 2 times, and it will stay squeaky clean.



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