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Plaque Blast Testimonials

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I'm 73 and still have all my own teeth. Don't know if Dr. Geo has had any thing to do with that, however I HAVE been a Dr. Geo Dental White user for many years. Even my dentist asked me if I've had my teeth whitened! (They're whiting system was much more expensive.) I love your product and have been advertising it as well. Would love to see some discount coupons now and again for those of us on fixed incomes.


Yorkie fights me on this spray but I can brush his teeth normally without problem. HELP please

Since you can brush, just spray a little on the brush and it will do the same thing as spraying. They usually like the taste.

Orlean Elliott

I have home video of my cat happily coming for his daily teeth cleaning. Would like to share with other cat owners that might be skeptical about the product.

Renee Evans

I always cared for my four year old ( British short hair ) cat's teeth. He loves his toothpaste but, just eats it. Brushing is time consuming and a real chore. I was tired of chasing him with his tooth brush. When I gave up for a few months I noticed very dark yellow teeth ( well, his food is brown ) and inflamed gums. Finally I bought Dr. George's spray and at first it was a chore but, after two application my cat is licking the bottle as well as his lips after treatment. Yes, I works. His gums are not inflamed after a couple uses and his teeth are white again. We are both happier. Thank you Dr. George. I think I'll try the human formula for myself. Sincerely, Luci

Luci K olbush 8/16/2012

My 4 yr schnauzer's teeth were showing signs of tater buildup even though she chews on plenty of bones and rawhide. After one spray, her teeth were so much cleaner. Like the tarter just melted away. Very impressive. Also sprayed on my 12 yr old border collie/lab. not as clean, but somewhat whiter. Very satisfied after just one application. Should only get better.

Posted: 03-22-2012


Both of my dogs had terrible plaque on their teeth. One has completely white clean teeth just 5 days later. The other one (who I recently adopted and had never had a dental appointment in her life) has vastly improved teeth and gums. I'm positive that her teeth will look like my other dog's by next week. This product is amazing. I will be purchasing more as soon as I run out!

LR PetOwner- Little Rock, AR

I love that its alcohol free and safe for my pets.

After using Plaque Blast for a little over two weeks, there was a lot less plaque on my dogs teeth. I love that its alcohol free and safe for my pets. And no one in my house misses the bad dog breath! I recommend it to all my friends.

Ellen P. - Virginia

After using the Plaque Blast just 3 times the bad breath was gone!

I tried this out because a friend of mine told me it worked pretty well for her dog and mine had the worst breath. People complained about it all the time when they were over. After using the Plaque Blast just 3 times the bad breath was gone! I'll continue using it just for that alone!

Mary S. - New Jersey

I can kiss my dog again!

My dog's breath smells so much better since I started using Plaque Blast on her. The plaque build-up was starting to get very noticeable and I could tell the bad breath was getting worse, but I didn't have the money to take her to the vet for a cleaning. This worked so well and was like 20 bucks. I can kiss my dog again!

Jerry N. - North Carolina

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